Toby Weston

Toby Weston – Nabism, Stuckism, Hyperrealism. Artefacts. Conspiracy. Glitch Art. Sufficiently advanced technologies indistinguishable from magic. Magical Realism. Street Art. Metamodernism. Postirony. Posthumanity. The Singularity.

Originals can sometimes be purchased directly from the artist for Bitcoin or cash. The latest works and paintings in still in progress are featured in the Blog.

“The world is changed. We don’t fit it, or it us. 2oby’s work recognises the uncomfortable relationship between humans and their milieu.  Nothing is as it seems, glitches, spectres and singular artefacts pepper compositions with questions. Tranquil scenes manifest an unease, anxiousness, tension…”

I  try to make plain the Black Magic our civilisation creates in its wake.

Toby Weston website can be found at

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