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What To Do With Old Bitcoin Miners?

What does one do with old bitcoin mining rigs? Two thoughts – Book Holder – Candle Holder!

Yes your old defunct Butterfly Labs 10 GH/s Bitcoin Miner is still good for something! Why has it come to this? Well from the following screen shot below you can see that my BFL (Butterfly Labs) 10 GH/s bitcoin miners are no longer “up to speed” so to speak when it comes to BTC output. There was a time when these suckers were mining 0.01 bitcoins per day – each! Now it’s TH/s (that’s Terra Hash) that counts. I had a total of six – so the chart below shows today’s estimated output etc. for all six.

Bitcoin Profit Chart
Bitcoin Mining Profit / Output – taken from Alloscomp.com – Bitcoin Mining Calculator

Don’t worry I’m still an avid bitcoin supporter! The best way to acquire them is to sell something for them or buy them directly from a broker as the cost associated with the hardware is exorbitant and soon becomes obsolete!