Romanian artist Stefania Nistoreanu. In her own words (translated):

Byzantine art. iconography sometimes put me in balance between good and evil. On one side – the chaos, the other – the order, but what good and evil, who can tell me what order there is chaos and chaos in order …? Still do not know, but I’m looking for the answer and express myself in painting. I am lucky that I can express that. It’s hard to talk only about the positive color, because it is in shadow pervasive negative element. I prefer to be honest and try to materialize spiritual truths, contrasts between positive and negative. Therefore, some of my works talk about the world of our subconscious that we are afraid to dive, but we need to visit them sometimes to know us fully. Other works are the expression of enchanting universes that coexist together in the dark, our deep. My work deals with human nature in all its facets. Good and evil, beautiful and ugly is in the eye often, but the result is always fascinating.

Stefania’s work can be found on her website