I have a background in computer programming and seek to blend the technical and artistic sides of fractals together. My work encompasses a wide range of both 2 and 3 dimensional realms. In time, I hope to make fractal artwork a household name.

Over the years, I have developed several original fractal styles. As current technology continues to change, I constantly push forward to discover and develop new styles and techniques. My artwork involves custom parameters programmed specifically by me. Due to the use of a random chaos engine, some of the fractals are so unique that they can only be produced one time. It would be impossible to reproduce them exactly.

My artwork has been shown in several galleries throughout the USA. My art is also featured in jewelry in New Zealand and Australia. In addition to these facets, I now have several pieces of art on the extraordinary guitars of Ed Roman.

I have a large share in the online fractal community, working to enhance others’ talent and appreciation of this beautiful art form. I continue to provide both training and tutorials to many who wish to learn the art.