How to Sell Art for Bitcoin

Hi it’s Chris from Art 4 Bitcoin – here’s a sample set up on one of my own websites that you can look at as an example of how I’ve implemented a bitcoin/cryptocurrency payment setup.

I accept bitcoins through Bitpay and use Coinpayments for bitcoin as well as other Cryptocurrencies. For mainstream financial transactions using established currencies like CAD, USD or EUR I use PayPal. I have integrated a shopping cart plugin by Woo Commerce with a WordPress template. This allows me to combine Bitpay + Coinpayments + Paypal into my online store for seamless payment integration.

  • Get yourself a “web presence”. You don’t have to spend any money as there are plenty of FREE options out there like Google Plus, Facebook or WordPress.
  • Get yourself a bitcoin wallet. Secure your wallet + other things you need to know.
  • Put your bitcoin address up on your website or make things look much more professional by setting up an online store.
  • Get a merchant account. I have one at Bitpay and have also made purchased through Bitpay. To accept cyrptocurrencies other that bitcoin I also have an account with Coinpayments . Be smart… a sale is a sale! Get a PayPal account also!
  • Set up a shopping cart. This is the main reason I use WordPress. It has many shopping cart apps to integrate with and bitcoin plugins that then integrate with the shopping cart. For example I use a Jupiter template with WooCommerce that works seamlessly with Bitpay, Coinpayments and Paypal – see here at

Any questions? Contact me and I’ll try my best to answer…


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