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Three New Artists to Add

New_Artists_A4BHello everyone – I’d like to welcome three more artists to the Art 4 Bitcoin list – John Lindh, Jon Masters and Stefania Nistoreanu. I wish them all well in their endeavours!

John Lindh’s focus is in photography. He is from Sweden and samples of his work can be found here.

Jon Masters is an American artist in New Orleans. Jon’s work focuses on surreal realistic landscapes and samples of his work can be found here.

Stefania Nistoreaunu is from Romania. Stefania paints abstract works that:

talk about the world of our subconscious that we are afraid to dive, but we need to visit them sometimes to know us fully.

Samples of Stefania’s work can be found here.

I have also put together a quick “how to” page for artists to follow and get themselves set up to accept bitcoin as well as other cyrptocurrencies.

As far as bitcoin is concerned it’s price is still holding against a torrent of criticism. The most recent being the fall of Mt. Gox. This may or may not have been due to something called “transaction malleability” and not due to an inherent flaw in the blockchain as some have suggested. The inevitable collapse that some though the Mt. Gox crisis would bring has not come to pass. At the time of this writing BCT is hovering around $450 USD although down from over $1000 months ago. One of the newer articles on the Mt. Gox debacle is from By Tim Hornyak, IDG News Service and can be found on the site. Here’s a quick quote:

Fewer than 400 bitcoins could have been stolen from the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange using so-called transaction malleability attacks, according to a Swiss study—far less than the hundreds of thousands of bitcoins the company reported.

The rest of the article is here – ‘Malleability’ attacks not to blame for Mt. Gox’s missing bitcoins.

More on bitcoin “misinformation” comes from Kyle Torpey and can be found on  – Mark T. Williams’ Recent Bitcoin Article is Misinformation

Then there’s Fiat Leak – a totally fantastic site that tracks the movement of bitcoins from fiat currencies around the world. I watched this for a few minutes – there were upwards of 300 + Bitcoins that moved into China… where they are supposedly banned…  watch the world currencies flow into BTC in real time!

On a final note I highly recommend subscribing to Bill Still’s Youtube channel as he has some great insights into bitcoin and the other cyrypto’s.

Still Report # 229 – Griffin on Gold Backed Cryptos?

While I have your attention, please feel free to pass this link on using various social media to help get the work out about Art 4 Bitcoin! You can link directly to this page url or mention the other Art 4 Bitcoin social media sites like:

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That’s all for now folks!


The Nation State and the Rise of the Crypto Currencies

Auroracoin (AUR)Should nation states create their own crypto currencies to circumvent the crippling dept imposed upon them by the Western banking cartels? Would the nation state mine or pre-nine the coins? Would there be a mechanism for inflation my allowing an infinite number to be mined? Would the common people be able to mine the coins? Would a portion be given outright to the people?

Today I was checking in with and to my surprise noticed a new crypto called Auroracoin (AUR). I followed the link to the official page and was very intrigued by the following:

Auroracoin is a crypto currency for Iceland. It is based on litecoin and is 50% premined. The premined coins will be distributed to the entire population of Iceland, commencing on midnight 25th of March 2014.

The website is an awesome read and a incredible idea. Make sure to check it out!


Bitcoin Charts and Bubbles

stages_bubbleThe other day I came across this rather funny graph that I found while reading another article on bitcoin by Jesse Colombo of Forbes called “Bitcoin May Be Following This Classic Bubble Stages Chart“. In the article Colombo compares the rise and fall of bitcoin prices to that of Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue’s “Stages in a Bubble” in which enthusiasm leads to greed and then delusion only to be followed by a massive slide back to reality… which is still upwards but nowhere near the flamboyant “highs”.  Now I’m all for bitcoin! But I do think that rampant speculation and human greed has pushed it too high too quickly. Corrections are a given. The best technical charting I’ve seen for bitcoin can be found at where you are able to access such charting capabilities as MACD, Aroon Up/Down, Chaikin Volatility and Commodity Channel Index. Check out the link I just mentioned and it will take you to an updated graph that includes those same technical indicators.  So what’s Colombo’s position on BTC?

I plan to eventually take a position in Bitcoin (in addition to precious metals and other hard assets) for my portfolio as a hedge against an eventual global economic crisis that I foresee occurring due to the popping of numerous post-2009 economic bubbles as well as the ensuing debasement of currencies that would occur as a reaction to this economic crisis. For now, I am waiting for the current froth to blow over before buying in.

As for me… I still own some bitcoin… and I still mine it and yes I’m still selling my art for it!

Chris S

JPMorgan’s “Bitcoin-Alternative” Patent Rejected (175 Times)

So… if bitcoin is a bubble or ponzi scheme then why is JP Morgan trying so desperately to patent it’s own version of it? To add fodder to the conspiracy canon… if bitcoin is part of a Hegelian dialectic, that is to say if the bankers themselves surreptitiously created it to then have it take over as the “one world currency”, then why did they do such a bad job of protecting their interests? Bitcoin is open source and cannot be patented. So maybe the “bitcoiners” are bang on! More from Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge:

Earlier in the week, we detailed JPMorgan’s attempt to create their own “web cash” alternative to Bitcoin (and Sberbank’s talk of doing the same). However, as M-Cam details, following the failure of the first 154 ‘claims’, JPMorgan issued a further 20 claims – which were summarily rejected (making JPMorgan 0-175 for approved claims). As they note, The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)’s handling of applications like JPMorgan’s ‘984 application (“Bitcoin Alternative”) highlights the need to fix a broken system – patent applications of existing inventions need to be finally rejected and not be resurrected as zombies (no matter how powerful the claimant). Full story here

Yes I hold and mine bitcoin. I also sell my art for bitcoin. The above article is one of the many reasons I do so.