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Artists who accept Bitcoin (BTC).

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Our mission

With bit4coin we provide the best tool for experienced bitcoiners to attract friends and family to the virtual currency, and a simple and easy-to-use portal into bitcoin for new users. We believe that by turning an abstract technology such as a virtual currency into a physical item like a gift voucher, we make bitcoin much more accessible to new users.
Our goal

We want to support world-wide bitcoin adoption. We believe bitcoin is money from the people, for the people, and want bitcoin to get into as many hands as possible. We are confident bitcoin is ready for the next wave of everyday users, beyond early adopters.
Security of processes and funds

We keep 100% of your funds with banking institutions in the European Union which are subject to deposit insurance. We convert funds to bitcoins when you redeem your vouchers, and keep bitcoins in secure wallets in various locations with multiple layers of security. In addition, we have sufficient funding to ensure reliable business operations.
Our company

We, bit4coin BV, are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 2013, we bring a lot of experience: Both co-founders have 8+ years experience in banking, management consulting, finance, and IT.

And Now There’s 14

Fourteen bitcoin artists are now listed on Art 4 Bitcoin™! Next stop – TWENTY! Please help me get the work out through social media.

David Platford
David Platford

David Platford

While at the Academy of Art University Dave studied the traditional and contemporary oil painting techniques, as well as the principles of Realism, Pop-Art, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Graphic Design and Easter Aesthetics.



Julia Hacker
Julia Hacker

Julia Hacker

Her work is very versatile from impressionist landscape and still-life to realistically portrait. The common thread throughout her work demonstrates both whimsical flourish as well as deep symbolism.



Dominic Snow
Dominic Snow

Dominic Snow





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Listing on Art 4 Bitcoin™ is free for artists. If you know of any please repost on social media and help me get the word out about artists who sell their works for bitcoin. For more information on getting listed please contact me here.  If your link is already up then a link back to this site is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to use one of these banners or a text link. Please use the social media links below to repost and help get the word out!


Two More Bitcoin Artists

I’d like to welcome Toby Weston and Chris Schillinger to the list of artists who sell their works for bitcoin!

Toby Weston
Toby Weston

Toby Weston is working as a commercial digital artist and graphic designer in modern printing and digital production. His recent work draws upon technology as inspiration, medium and tool. Toby recognises the glitches and artefacts of the digital as visible brushstrokes which add authenticity and texture. Technologies relentless alienating march is the landscape to be explored.


Chris Schillinger

Chris Schillinger is a Toronto artist who works with acrylic and mixed media on both board and canvas. Abstract is his main focus with a growing focus on the use of resins.




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Listing on Art 4 Bitcoin™ is free for artists. If you know of any please repost on social media and help me get the word out about artists who sell their works for bitcoin. For more information on getting listed please contact me here.







Artists added in May

I’d like to welcome Alex Vera, Molly Crabapple and Zen O’conor to the list of artists who sell their works for bitcoin.


Alex Vera
Alex Vera

Alex Vera is a pop artist who is inspired by the works of Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso. His works have been exhibited in Art Basel Miami 2011, Sleepless Nights Miami 2011, and can be found in galleries across the U.S.




Molly Crabapple
Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple is an artist and writer in New York. Her 2013 solo exhibition, Shell Game, led to her being called “Occupy’s greatest artist” by Rolling Stone, and “an emblem of the way that art could break out of the gilded gallery” by The New Republic.




Zen O'Conor
Zen O’Conor

Zen O’conor travelled to Italy, France, Belgium and the USA in search of the best education and most skilled masters of art. He worked through an intensive four year academic training program in less that two years. Upon his completion of his training he was invited for a further two year apprenticeship under skilled and well renowned academic masters.



A4B_profile2Listing on Art 4 Bitcoin™ is free for artists. If you know of any please repost on social media and help me get the word out about artists who sell their works for bitcoin. For more information on getting listed please contact me here.




Oli Witcomb

Oli Witcomb

“Coinsketch – Swapping sketches for bitcoin since 2014!”

I’d like to welcome Oli Witcomb to the list of Art 4 Bitcoin™ artists. His website is Coinsketch and a sample gallery of his work can be found here. Oli is from the UK and his focus is sketching. His work is in the 0.04 – 0.06 BTC price range and he offers free wallpaper downloads for your desktop. Please help me get the word about about Oli’s site by posting links on all your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. If you are an artist or know of any it’s free to list a site on Art 4 Bitcoin™. Chris contact/get listed

Three New Artists to Add

New_Artists_A4BHello everyone – I’d like to welcome three more artists to the Art 4 Bitcoin list – John Lindh, Jon Masters and Stefania Nistoreanu. I wish them all well in their endeavours!

John Lindh’s focus is in photography. He is from Sweden and samples of his work can be found here.

Jon Masters is an American artist in New Orleans. Jon’s work focuses on surreal realistic landscapes and samples of his work can be found here.

Stefania Nistoreaunu is from Romania. Stefania paints abstract works that:

talk about the world of our subconscious that we are afraid to dive, but we need to visit them sometimes to know us fully.

Samples of Stefania’s work can be found here.

I have also put together a quick “how to” page for artists to follow and get themselves set up to accept bitcoin as well as other cyrptocurrencies.

As far as bitcoin is concerned it’s price is still holding against a torrent of criticism. The most recent being the fall of Mt. Gox. This may or may not have been due to something called “transaction malleability” and not due to an inherent flaw in the blockchain as some have suggested. The inevitable collapse that some though the Mt. Gox crisis would bring has not come to pass. At the time of this writing BCT is hovering around $450 USD although down from over $1000 months ago. One of the newer articles on the Mt. Gox debacle is from By Tim Hornyak, IDG News Service and can be found on the site. Here’s a quick quote:

Fewer than 400 bitcoins could have been stolen from the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange using so-called transaction malleability attacks, according to a Swiss study—far less than the hundreds of thousands of bitcoins the company reported.

The rest of the article is here – ‘Malleability’ attacks not to blame for Mt. Gox’s missing bitcoins.

More on bitcoin “misinformation” comes from Kyle Torpey and can be found on  – Mark T. Williams’ Recent Bitcoin Article is Misinformation

Then there’s Fiat Leak – a totally fantastic site that tracks the movement of bitcoins from fiat currencies around the world. I watched this for a few minutes – there were upwards of 300 + Bitcoins that moved into China… where they are supposedly banned…  watch the world currencies flow into BTC in real time!

On a final note I highly recommend subscribing to Bill Still’s Youtube channel as he has some great insights into bitcoin and the other cyrypto’s.

Still Report # 229 – Griffin on Gold Backed Cryptos?

While I have your attention, please feel free to pass this link on using various social media to help get the work out about Art 4 Bitcoin! You can link directly to this page url or mention the other Art 4 Bitcoin social media sites like:

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That’s all for now folks!


Artists Wanted!


Artists wanted!

Art 4 Bitcoin™ is brand spanking new. There is only one artist up so far and that would be me – Chris Schillinger. I need your help to get the word out to get artists listed on this site. The listing if free and the only catch is they need to accept bitcoin as a payment method. No it does not mean only bitcoin – just one of the options for payment must be in BTC. I will even list a gallery page on this site and link out to their site.

If you are interested in accepting bitcoin I suggest researching it via Google… I myself process though Bitpay. I decided to use Bitpay because I made a purchase of bitcoin miners online and paid with bitcoin. The processing agent was Bitpay and I found that the transaction went smoothly. There are other BTC payment processors and more information can be found on the bitcoin wiki located here.

Help me get the word out… Bitcoin Artists Wanted!


Hello world!

Chris Schillinger

Hello World and Welcome to Art 4 Bitcoin™. I’d like to introduce myself – I’m Chris Schillinger – owner and webmaster.

Artists can list for free on this site. Contact me and I’ll put up a link to your site as well as display a sample gallery page of your works on this site. If you are an artist and are not sure where to begin I suggest you check out the page “what is bitcoin” then check out Bitpay and Coinpayments for payment integration solutions. Yes I use both of these payment processors myself and they can be see on my own art site

I’d love to hear from other artists who also sell their works for bitcoin or who plan on doing so. If you’re new to bitcoin feel free to ask any questions.

Chris Schillinger