Artists Wanted!


Artists wanted!

Art 4 Bitcoin™ is brand spanking new. There is only one artist up so far and that would be me – Chris Schillinger. I need your help to get the word out to get artists listed on this site. The listing if free and the only catch is they need to accept bitcoin as a payment method. No it does not mean only bitcoin – just one of the options for payment must be in BTC. I will even list a gallery page on this site and link out to their site.

If you are interested in accepting bitcoin I suggest researching it via Google… I myself process though Bitpay. I decided to use Bitpay because I made a purchase of bitcoin miners online and paid with bitcoin. The processing agent was Bitpay and I found that the transaction went smoothly. There are other BTC payment processors and more information can be found on the bitcoin wiki located here.

Help me get the word out… Bitcoin Artists Wanted!


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